Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gesher Bowl

This bowl was inspired by the Hebrew words: Kol Haolam Kulo Gesher Tsar M'od...All the world is a very narrow bridge.

It lives in Eugene, where I was visiting last week.

Gesher means bridge. The phrase comes from a teaching from Reb Nachman of Bratislav. The  rest of the message is: And above all is not to fear.

Walking on a narrow bridge is risky, daring, frightening...and yet..... life often requires us to take such metaphorical journeys with frequency.

What gives us the strength to face such adversity? What kind of faith is required to  face adversity?

My bowl is a reminder that faith is required....
I used clear glass letters embedded in the red...In the right light you can see some of the letters, but other times they are invisible...and yet they exist....

Faith requires us to believe in that which we cannot see.

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