Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Positive Addiction!

This is 1 aisle in what is known as the "bullpen"..... aka "candyland" us glass addicts!
I forgot to snap a photo so I had to borrow this picture from the internet...

I am so fortunate to live in Portland Oregon, home to two major manufacturers of  glass.
This week Bullseye Glass had one of their major sales....and I was happy to go shopping!

Do you remember being a little kid visiting either a candy store or an ice cream shop? All the flavors, colors, seductive names?

Another customer and I just took turns ooh-ing and ahhhh-ing. "I bought that glass last year" she said, pointing to one incredible piece. Even on sale, it was beyond my reach....maybe next time. "I asked her what she was looking for and she told me she was layering pieces of glass to get a desired look for trees... and happily I pointed out some glass that might save her a step or two in her process. 
We knowingly grinned at each other as we loaded our storage bins....addicts recognize each other!

I haven't spent enough time cleaning out my studio, but this new glass is so tantalizing I am anxious to renew my efforts to get organized. Several wonderful commissions have come in....ideally I will get to work on those in a clean studio...but I may need to create a makeshift work area on the back deck....

I'll post again shortly!

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