Thursday, June 26, 2014

Studio Organization= Tough Love

As our remodeling projects draw to a close (for now), I am finally able to move my racks and molds out to the new kiln room!

The studio is a disaster! I mean, it's really bad! I was so cramped having to house stuff that has always been in the kiln shed that I lost all common sense and just kept cramming more stuff into the studio. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

When the weather has been nice (pouring rain right now), I clear off a table on the deck and work there. When the weather is awful, I try to use my time to clean, sort & organize a ridiculous mess.

I realize that ergonomics is important so once I sort through my scrap glass, toss things I won't/can't use, and create real homes for things...I will need to move my cutting area so I can move about more easily and protect my aching back.

No more promises to post new stuff soon....I have descended into a deep, dark, messy hole . If I ever get out of it I will post pix of the reclaimed studio and any new work.


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