Friday, December 13, 2013

It's What I've been Waiting For....but

It's finally warm enough to fire up the why am I still not  happy?

I opened the kilns (both of them) only to discover that my shelves need to be cleaned and primed with kiln wash. My hose bibs are shut off so, I need to carry water to the back deck and then start scraping......a very cold endeavor at 39º!...Then the shelves need to dry. 

So today is maintenance day rather than a firing day. I will spend time cleaning and priming shelves and cut some future projects. 
Firing will have to wait until I return home from a family trip.

More lessons in patience! Clearly, it's a journey!

Oh, here's a photo of a chunk of ice from one of my drain buckets!
It's about 5 gallons of frozen sludge water!

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