Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yahrzeit Candle Bridges

The Hebrew abbreviation L"Z stands for Zichrono Livracha- of blessed memory!

Here's a quick kiln shot of three out of four of the yahrzeit candle holders 
I was commissioned to make. The fourth bridge is finishing its slumping program and then 
I'll take a final photo and will post it before wrapping and shipping them !

It's a powerful experience, crafting a yahrzeit bridge. It's important to me to honor those who came before me....even those I never knew. It's a powerful reminder of my own losses: my mother and father....and all the other wonderful family members who have been gone for so many years.

I just finished writing the info. sheet I include with each order. 

In this latest version I wrote: This bridge features the letters zayin and lamed, an abbreviation for “ zichrono livracha” 

May the flame of your candle shine brightly,  allowing the memories of those you remember to be filled with light, warmth  and blessing.

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