Monday, October 22, 2012

First Plate in a New Series!

This is one of my newest always, the challenge is in photographing iridizied glass.
The shine in this photo seems to diminish the colorful stripes...but the colors are pronounced and vibrant when you handle the plate. It's 12" x 12"....and it sparkles! The upper right square is silver leaf. 

It is the first of my new Tapestry series, inspired by the famous coat of many colors (Joseph).  It's a wedding gift so it won't be for sale, but I will have it on display.

I will post future plates in the series...but they are on hold until I catch up on my new commissions. Yesterday's art show was  a successful endeavor and in addition to the glass I sold there, I now have 4 commissions to keep me in the studio for a couple of weeks!

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