Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love Portland! I love the rain! Sometimes it is really nice to have a little sunshine!
Of course, today is a beautiful sunny day and I am in my studio ! The blessing is the view I have...and I sometimes get to do some of my work scraping kiln shelves. And did I mention the sweet songs of birds that serenade me? I usually listen to music or chant....but today, the birds are in glorious concert and I can't imagine anything more beautiful!

With a view like this....I don't mind at all. I am making new items for the National Cantor's conference which take place here in Portland in about 10 days!

That conference just happens to coincide with the first of week of classes...and I am contracted to teach at the U of O for a 4 week intensive summer term. The solution? A lot of driving between Portland and Eugene.  

I will post pix of some of my new work next week (along with some of the mezuzot I have already made.

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