Sunday, November 13, 2011

Community Warehouse Needs Your Support!

This organization is one of the most fantastic non profits anyone can imagine. They hook up unwanted furniture with people who want/need furniture and other household goods. Portland, Oregon is soooo fortunate to have this volunteer driven organization. Even members of their paid staff volunteer here (they are sooooo artistic!)

Every year they host a mega fund raiser called The Chair Affair. Artists gather at the warehouse , pick out a piece of furniture and artistically rehab it. We turn our new creations back to the Warehouse and they host  an auction. This will be my 5th! 

SO HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.....the warehouse was sadly empty! Without donations of all kinds of household items, needy families will continue to be needy. Imagine not having a bed to sleep on or no chair to sit on! 

You can make a cash donation and/or donate some household goods. It is just that easy!!!!!  I don't have any furniture to donate right now so I bought some shower curtains and rings...and am looking around for some other useful stuff to donate. You could do that too!
How?   just go to :

Tomorrow I will post a "before" picture of my project.   

So nu? Donate something already!

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Jocelyn Furbush said...

Thank you so much Eddy! You have inspired a donation from across the country, and likely others. We're grateful for all you do for Community Warehouse including helping get the word out!