Monday, April 4, 2011

Neveh Shalom/ORA Shalom Exhibit Opens Friday

Congregation Neveh Shalom is host to a unique Friday night service called ORA Shalom....a wonderful name combining our art group (ORA) and Shalom from Neveh Shalom...together it means light of peace.

Each second Friday night of the month will be dedicated to art and creativity and Hiddur Mitzvah.

April 8th services begin at 6:15. They are brief but tuneful . Cantor Bletstein wil incorporate the theme of the art show (GATES) into the prayers and music.... During the Kiddush following services Laurie endel will say a few words about our group show and the theme of Gates.

On display, I have a new seder plate on display and a breast plate I made last year that fits the theme.  The works are wonderful and I hope many of you can come either to services or another time to view this group show which will remain through the end of May.

Although I am disappointed I couldn't bring my other gateways piece to life (yet) , it is still being designed and it will be done when it is done! I learned a long time ago never to rush a good thing!

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