Sunday, July 18, 2010


The 99W Craft Show enjoyed great weather but a very poor turnout. I was hoping to move some of my older stock but you can't have a good show with a small customer base. Oh well! It was a pretty day and I was in good company.

The other disappointment is i am still a couple months away from working on glass. The surgeon says no weight bearing activity until at least the end of August...and even then I may not be able to work on glass. Darned elbow!

I will try to redirect this sadness into design work so when I do get the thumbs up from the medical world, I will be ready to create new pieces for the 2010 October 24th Celebration of Art at the MJCC. New Judaica ideas are already brewing

But now....I am off to the beach for some inspiration and a little R&R.

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