Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glass Has A Language of its Own

       by  Eddy Shuldman

Glass has a language
with subtleties sandwiched  between
pounds of silica
heated,  melted,  then rolled
off the tongue
into poetry
within my lexicon of glass

What began as play
became a journey of metaphorical archeology.

Stuck to a shelf, exposed to the elements
The journey goes deeper
where Inclusions are cast,
bubbles form
pockets of air that failed to escape
are suspended, frozen in space

Hard, soft,
liquid, solid,
transparent, opaque…..
draping , fusing,
slumping, melting,
hot, warm,
There are meanings 
layered on top of meanings,
a language of love ,
frustration, and hate.
heat spikes that puncture skin
and fractures,
that grow
like spider veins and 
bleed to the surface
frit, powder,
a score,
breaking , shattering, exploding
and then
a search for some compatibility
a weaving together

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